Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CHOW team; Turd Burglars - Sketches

Doing a competition on with two on-line friends of mine; Siiilon and Mvocet. CHOW (Character Of the Week) is now doing a team competition where each team has to create 6 characters.

Our plan: A post apocalyptic future in which people from different time periods are stuck; "To create an unlikely cast of individuals brought together."
Benefit: Creating a mix of classic apparel (Baroc, Conquistador, 1500's, tribal African, etc.) mixed with future; junk, technology, clothing, weapons, etc..
The roles: Hero (F), Shadow, Protector, Sage, Technician, Rabble Rouser.

A Maori (Chief?) as Protector:

An Amazonian Indian as Shadow:

Colour sketch; it turned into an African for now :P

First sketch for the female hero. Happy with the outcome not using reff.
Its will be a Jugenstill/1870-1920 -period young woman.


Maarten Rijs said...

hey, ik ben maartenr van supervette dingen hier! inspirerend, je aandacht voor detaill is geweldig.
ik woon zelf ook in haarlem trouwens. hoop je in de toekomst bij een sunday sketchmeet te zien!

o.O' said...

Hey man! Dank je voor de goede woorden ^.^ Dat van de sketchmeet komt wel goed denk ik, ik kijk er naar uit.